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The Resource Center.

About the Resource Center

The Amhara Regional Health Bureau Resource Center was established to support the development of the skills of heath personnel at all levels in the region working in water, sanitation and hygiene. The vision for the ARHB Resource Center it to serve as focal point  to collect and disseminate the latest technical information and resources and support training and networking to promote improvements in water, sanitation, and hygiene and sanitation in the region.


The Resource Center will serve as a focal point for the collection and dissemination of promotional materials; provide internet access for health news, resources and research; and support networking and the sharing of best approaches, resources, data and solutions to WASH challenges. The center will collect and share best approaches to sanitation and hygiene, such as simple innovative sanitation, water collection, and hand washing technologies; behavior change approaches; and the integration of WASH into schools, HIV, other health areas. 


The Resource Center is currently located in Room 316 in the Amhara Regional Health Bureau. The center has growing collection of publications and CDs on WASH and other health topics, two computers, access to the internet, a printer, and photocopy machine.   


Current Publications in ARHB Resource Center

  • Training in Community-led Total Behavior Change in Hygiene and Sanitation: Facilitator’s Guide.
  • Preparing for Community-led Total Behavior Change in Hygiene and Sanitation: Participant Resource Book.
  • Community-led Total Behavior Change in Hygiene and Sanitation: Handbook for Health Extension Workers
  • Footsteps on the Pathway to Total Behavior Change in Hygiene and Sanitation: Guide to Kebele and Gott Ignition and Action
  • Guide to Using the Internet and E-mail
  • WASH-Friendly Schools
  • WASH-Friendly Schools
  • WASH-Friendly Schools


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