Global Hand washing Day in the Amhara



The Global Hand washing day will be celebrated from October 15/2014 for the next one month in the Amhara Region . In this celebration more than 3 million people is expected to have access information on the importance and procedures of hand washing at critical conditions. In this regard the Regional Health Bureau with its WASH partners had prepared Amharic version reading material entitled “ለጤናዎ እጅ መታጠብን ምርጫዎ ያድርጉ” / “Choose hand washing, Choose health” /. The Bureau would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of WAG/SNV, WSP-AF, UNICEF, ORDA, Carter Center Ethiopia,Plan international, Save the Children, ADA,Water Mines and Energy Bureau, Education Bureau and the Government Communication Bureau. For the detail Click HERE.

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